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General Questions

1. What makes your products better than the others similar products that I have found on the internet?

Our company uses only the purest and most effective herbs in our formulas, ensuring safety while producing results. We also recognize that producing an effective product involves more than simply combining different ingredients-it entails a strong organizing principle to make certain that the herbs compliment each other in a manner that results in maximum effectiveness for the user.

2. What is all of this hype around Chinese medicine and herbs?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest, most comprehensive, safest and most effective medical system of human health cares in the world. It has sustained the health of the world’s longest ongoing civilization for over five thousand years. Its premises may be conceived as inductive rather than based in cause and effect. Practitioners have recorded in medieval archives that span for more than three thousand years of written history their results of meticulous clinical research that support such claims. This medicine is deeply rooted in the primordial principles of the "Tao" a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang.

3. I see you offer a money back guarantee on all of your products. How can you offer such a promise?

Here at AchieveRx, we are happy to offer a full money back guarantee to any persons not 100% satisfied with their purchase (less shipping and handling). We offer this guarantee because we are confident that you will be thrilled with your purchase and the effectiveness of our products. We use only the strongest, best quality, and most potent herbs in our formulas, and for this reason we believe you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.

4. How can I be sure that you use the best herbs on the market?

Unlike many other producers of herbal remedies, AchieveRx chooses to use only the finest herbs in our products, ensuring optimum results and satisfied clients. Other companies often look to curtail production costs by using parts of the herbs that are fruitless and ineffective (and cheaper!), resulting in a product that is composed primarily of "filler". Our company refuses to employ any part of the herb except for those that are the most potent and effectual. Although this principle results in a significantly greater cost to us to produce our solutions, we believe that ultimately the quality of our product will result in us developing long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers. We believe that this dedication to a quality product that sets us apart from all competitors.

5. How long will my order take to be shipped to me?

Orders shipped within the United States generally take 2 to 5 business days to deliver while Xpresspost within Canada can takes about 6-7 days. International orders may take up to 30 days due to delays caused by customs agents at international or domestic borders.

6. Does your product work on it's own or are exercises needed as well?

Although exercises are beneficial, they are not mandatory as the supplement can be effective on its own.

7. How long should I use AchieveRx™ and what is the dosage?

Generally clients may experience optimal results with 3 to 6 month programs during which 1 capsule is consumed each day. The recommended dosage for the AchieveRx™ Patch is one patch per 3 day period. It is normal to remove the patch prior to bathing. Simply replace after skin is dry, place in a different location for improved absorption.

8. Are the results permanent or do I need to continue supplementing in definitely to keep my gains?

Results last as long as the herbal medication remains in your system. The results obtained by use of the extender can be considered permanent.

9. Will my order be mark with embarrassing labels upon delivery?

We ship all orders in plain unmarked bubble shippers.

10. Are there any health risks involved with AchieveRx™?

We ask clients with significant hypertension to consult their physicians before supplementing.

11. How old do I need to be to use AchieveRx™?

AchieveRx™ is only recommended to adults over the age of 18.

12. Does AchieveRx™ contain the dangerous herb, Yohimbe?

AchieveRx™ is completely Yohimbe free for your safety.



Orders are discreetly shipped via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail, Global Priority or Canada Post where applicable in plain packages. There is nothing written on the package as to its contents.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product, return the product within 60 days and receive a Full Refund minus shipping and handling!


You can Contact us at any time by email. Identify the correct department that you wish to address and we will be happy to respond to any questions as soon as possible.


Our products are used by thousands of customers all over the world. And are advertised in TV and prestigious Men’s magazines.


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